In anonymity, it's easier to be real,
to face the emotion instead of fighting it,
and to express it, in all its vibrance,
not some pastel print of what's really underneath.

Well, we'll see.
  • Here again.

    I’m bad at remembering dates, including today’s, but lucky for me there is just  s o.  m u c h.  love about for one Mr JC Mayer today that I couldn’t possibly miss it, happy birthday John. <3

    Thanks for being.

    I hope you have the freedom and desire today to do the things you love while the sun is up, and feel at the end of it, in the darkness, only strength and calm.

    Here’s to tomorrow and each day after,


  • 2am thoughts

    I need to get to know my city better, find a few bars with a relaxed vibe and decent whiskey, sample some good restaurants, find the truly great coffee options (not just the one that I like between my house and the station) or hey the best barista (there’s a decent chance he could turn out to be Mr Right, oops, sidetracked) because John Mayer is coming to town in April and he might like a local perspective.

    What even, grey matter?!
    Sleep time.

  • Dear Santa,

    Me again.

    I would also be ok with two Gold Reserve (floor) tickets to John Mayer in Sydney on 24/04/2013. Apparently there aren’t any left.

    Or, if you could get John to schedule a second Sydney show I can handle the rest.


  • John Mayer, billboard 30.03.13
  • "…the hours of your life that disappear in the maintenance of vapor."
  • cemawe:

    no i’m not crying there’s just some john mayer lyrics in my eye

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  • tumblr is a bit

    like the old wireless, the airwaves are open we’re tuned to the right frequency, to the quiet static hush for while, sometimes a long while, but we can always expect another broadcast. The lines are open. I like that.

    'night tumblr.

  • Hey Johnny boy,

    Ohisashiburi desu ne?

    What you got for us?

    What do you need?

  • "Writing,
    Looking for life,
    Under it all.”

    A Blackout poem for Johnny on his birthday.

    Blackout poems are a nice metaphor for life really. Life is incessant, it’s everywhere, and really, sometimes you need to black some of it out in order to focus, to move forward and to really live and enjoy life. 

    Thankyou for the music, for heightening the highs and easing the lows. And thanks for staying in touch.

    Happy Birthday John, here’s to new music and a beautiful future. X

  • Chart Moves: John Mayer’s Live EP Debuts on Billboard 200

    John Mayer: Before John Mayer became too ill to sing, he recorded an EP’s worth of live tracks titled “The Complete 2012 Performances Collection.” This week, the five-song set, exclusive to iTunes, debuts at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 with 15,000 sold. The effort includes four tunes recorded during the making of his latest album, “Born and Raised,” along with one previously unreleased studio track. “Born and Raised” debuted at No. 1 earlier this year.

    So if it turns out that ‘exclusive to iTunes’ means not gonna be available to iTunes Australia I am going to be pissed. (Why isn’t it in there already???)

    Fair warning.

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  • 64-colorbox:

    John having a great time at Cafe Wha? on Nov 5th, 2011.

    I try to avoid reblogging pics when there’s no credit but for these an exception needs to be made.

    Welcome back John!

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